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Extend the project with these fun ideas:


1.  Cut out Gingerbread men from vaious colors of construction paper.  Use these for sorting, classifying, patterning, and more.  (Click for  gbmpagepattern.pdf


2.  Make 2 LARGE gingerbread man patterns for front cover and back cover of journal and insert lined/unlined paper to make journal booklet for students.


3.  Print out KWL Worksheet.  ( gbmbaby.pdf)

Show Jan Brett's Front Cover and have student's fill out the "What I Know" and "What I Want To Know" parts of the worksheet.  Read the book and then complete the "What I Learned".  Have students discuss their findings. 

Purchase "GingerBread Baby" by clicking on this link:  GBM5


4.  Cute idea found at Kids' Christmas Crafts:



5  We talk about and work with 2-d shapes in math games and students know those pretty well by this point. Then when we come to December I introduce 3-d shapes.  We use 2-D shapes to create a three dimension shape like rectangular and triangular prisms.  We make these shapes with graham crackers and end up creating houses.  We then create an entire town using our social studies standards as a guide.

Submitted By:  Traci Hricik













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